Saturday, December 3, 2011

How can I tell edible olive oil?

I love cooking and would therefore pay attention to quality. How much costs a minimum of edible olive oil? What should I do?

edible olive oil can not be for 5 - and get 6 € at the supermarket. No growers can produce a decent quality for this retail price. A good producer, and thus a high probability of a good quality, you can see, if the farmer has stated bottling date and shelf life. In the June issue of gourmet oils were the best awards and described with reference sources. One of these sources, the Cucina La Maddalena is located in Pulheim.

Quality is always a price. Anyone who thinks they get for little money at discount stores, makes what is in front. Unfortunately, a high price is not a characteristic of quality. Especially when olive oil is very much driven fast and loose. In general, you get characterless industrial goods, but also very often inferior oil, which was enhanced with all sorts of tricks. Taste and aroma remain on the track. The term "extra virgin" (the highest grade) on the label is downright fraud. Pay attention to the following: name should be given to producer (the bottler or the dealer), and origin. Anyone who produces a premium product is also proud of it. The others try to remain as anonymous. Date of manufacture - always buy the fresh harvest olives are picked in the period from October to January - Olive oil is a natural product and over time loses its quality googling the oil and the manufacturer. Was there participation in competitions and tastings? Does the name here in recent years repeatedly? This will have a reason. Do not be afraid to ask your dealer questions. Very quickly you will notice if he sees something of olive oil, or thrashes only empty phrases and thinks only of the revenue. Let us advise you. If possible, try out the oil. A good oil will always have a certain sharpness and slightly bitter. Everything else should you leave on the shelf

Why edible olive oil helps a diet

Oleic acid increased satiety - at least in rats

Fats with unsaturated fatty acids may be able to help you lose weight, researchers have now shown: Once in the small intestine, edible olive oil and give the likes of the body that is the message "Stop eating, you're tired!". The reason for this is mainly oleic acid, a common fatty acid in the small intestine triggers the transmission of the message to the brain. Should confirm that the previously affected only in rats and humans proven signal chain satiety, physicians could develop with the help of this natural appetite control system, new treatments for overweight and obesity.

Earlier researchers had observed that occur after eating the mucous cells in the duodenum and the upper part of the small intestine into action and produce a substance called Oleylethanolamid (OEA). This messenger then forges his way to the nerve endings, which in turn transmit the brain the message that no more food is needed. What triggers this signal chain, however, was not yet known. Therefore supplied Gary Schwartz and his team now rats with various nutrients and observed the response of the mucosal cells.

Freshly pressed olive oil similar painkiller

Researcher: Anti-inflammatory substance in acute cases but not sufficient - Long-term Vorbeugewirkung but possible
London - fresh-pressed olive oil acts like a painkiller: it contains an anti-inflammatory substance that works in the same way as the active ingredient ibuprofen, an international research team reports in the British journal "Nature" (vol. 437, p. 45). Against acute pain in his own olive oil because of the low efficacy of the ingredient "oleocanthal" not, regular consumption may bend but exactly how ibuprofen certain cancers and heart and circulatory ailments.
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It all started with an observation

The starting point for the study was the observation of one of the scientists involved, that freshly pressed olive oil, like the painkiller ibuprofen caused a burning sensation in the throat. Gary Beauchamp of the Monell Chemical Senses Center at the University of Sciences in Philadelphia (U.S. state of Pennsylvania) and his team then identified the ingredient responsible for it and called him oleocanthal.

Further studies showed that oleocanthal actually like ibuprofen inhibits the so-called Cox-enzymes in metabolism that are associated with certain inflammatory reactions in the body. 50 grams of olive oil a day have about ten percent of the effect of an ibuprofen dose for adults, as the scientists have calculated.

Success recipe ingredient of Mediterranean diet?

That's not enough to solely to distribute headaches. Be with the oleocanthal but probably an explanation for the health benefits of Mediterranean diet found with lots of olive oil, the researchers write. A high proportion of oleocanthal WOULD therefore in the organism, like ibuprofen and other painkillers from the group of so-called non-steroidal anti-inflammatory. They thin the blood and prevent certain cancers.